Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adventure: Caravan Runners

The purpose of this adventure synopsis is to provide the dungeon master with an overall story arch with which to pit his players against. I am an old-school DMso my adventures are wrought with danger. I'm sure some DMs have the fear of a TPK (total party kill) but if the players fear that their precious character might actually die, then they are more likely to run from the fight when you present them with a battle they can't win, rather than foolish try to beat the bad guys.

The setting for this adventure is Dark Sun. I enjoy epic story archs that lead from one thing to another creating an ever expanding story. This adventure is designed for levels 1-6 and is used to introduce the players to the world.

Synopsis The desert sun scorches the unwary, and travel between the seven cities can be perilous at the best of times. You brave that peril on a daily basis. You are a dune trader, sworn to the Balican merchant dynasty of Rees. Your job is to guard the caravan from raiders and others who would disrupt the trade route. You also act as a Retriever. Along with a small group of elite tomb raiders, you set out into the desert to plunder the ruins and add to the coffers of your House.

All the players in this adventure must take a theme. The preferred theme is Dune Trader (DSCG Page 42) and at least 2 people in the party really should take it. However, the Athasian Minstral, Gladiator, Wilder and Wasteland Nomad all make sense here as well. Try not to let more than 1 player use each theme to allow for a nice variety. Other themes can easily be fit to work in this adventure as well.

In this first adventure, the characters begin by protecting the caravan from raiders. I'll post a series of encounters over the next week that provide challenging and different ways to guard the caravan. Once the caravan makes it to the destination, there is intrigue in the city. And on the return trip the adventurers are sent to retrieve an item from a ruined village off in the desert.

I would love to hear other people's ideas. I know I'm vague in this post, but it is a summary post and the details will be laid out over the next few weeks. I'm always adapting and changing my ideas, so if anyone has one to share I'd love to hear it and see where it goes.

Until next time...

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