Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Encounter: Silt Horror

Encounter Level 12 (3,500 XP)

Introduction The party is traveling along the silt sea. This encounter can be easily adapted to fit whatever mode of transit the party is using. The party is moving along when they are attacked by a Silt Horror, waiting for prey beneath the sand.

The Silt Horror can be found in the Dark Sun Creature Catalog on page 86. I used the Deserts of Athas tiles for this battle map. (Don't ask me why they used blue to represent the silt sea, I guess they underestimate the intellect of their players.)


Read the following to the party:
The sun sits at it's zenith, and the hot wind blows softly from the west. As you move across the silt sea, the sand beneath you begins to rumble. Suddenly large, white tentacles burst from the dunes, swinging with precision, as if some unseen force is driving them.

This battle is separated into two phases. The first phase consists of the tentacles while the second maintains the tentacles but the body of the silt horror emerges. Place the tentacles during phase 1, but hold off on placing the Silt Horror until phase 2 begins.

Phase 1

The tentacles come in groups of 4 or 5 (Dungeon Master's discretion) and continue to regenerate until 20 tentacles have been destroyed. They attack with purpose, trying to cause the most harm to as many of the players as possible.

Once 20 tentacles have been destroyed, read the following to the players:

The tentacles vanish beneath the sand and for a moment all is calm. Then the silt beneath your feet starts to rumble and shake violently. Suddenly a great behemoth bursts from the depths, it's gaping maw filled with sharp teeth. The tentacles stream from its body, moving right for you.

Phase 2

In this phase the body of the Silt Horror is visible. The horror will regularly move beneath the sand to get closer to its food. It will try to bite any grabbed character. When bloodied the silt horror will attempt to flee, flinging away any character currently grabbed.

Features of the Area

Sea of Silt - The ground in this area is part of the silt sea and as such cannot support the weight of the characters if they stand upon it. Treat the ground as a Silt Sink hazard (found on page 140 of the Dark Sun Creature Catalog).

Scorching Sun - It is mid-day and the sun is at its worst. Players without proper protection should roll against Gray Death and Sun Sickness.

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